Zara Nanu, CEO, GapSquare, Bristol

What is your experience as a woman working in the tech sector?

It is a challenge as the sector is very male dominated. On top of that my background is not tech, so I’ve had a double challenge. By immersing myself in the sector I’ve seen how it can be very difficult for women to progress and to stay in their roles, and why companies are losing amazing talent. This is what motivates me to stay and to help change the landscape. The more women that come into the sector, the more relevant it becomes for other young women.

What do you think would lead to a significant increase in the number of women working in tech? What can companies do now? What should education providers be doing for the work force of the future?

In my view, the one thing that would make the biggest difference is embracing and bringing in more women into the sector who do not necessarily have coding experience or background. This can revolutionise the sector as the women will bring new insights, change agendas and make tech innovation more relevant to other women.

Part of the problem with a male dominated sector right now is that much of the exciting innovation happening is tailored towards male interests. As exciting as a red convertible Tesla car flying into space blasting David Bowie songs is, it is also very stereotypical of lad culture. Featuring innovation that meets female interests can attract more talent and promote innovation for all.

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