Dr Sam Chapman, CIO & Co-founder, The Floow, Sheffield

Please tell us about the Floow

Headquartered in Sheffield, The Floow is a global leader in intelligent telematics solutions that make mobility safer and smarter for everyone. By combining data science and social science with leading edge technology, The Floow’s solutions address the increasing costs, inefficiencies and dangers experienced by road users, allowing insurers to price policies fairly and accurately, helping drivers to improve their performance and enabling auto manufacturers and policy makers to design vehicles and road systems that respond to drivers’ evolving needs.

What makes Sheffield a good place for the Floow to be located?

Sheffield is a natural home for The Floow for a number of reasons. Firstly, the city boasts one of the largest and best quality pools of graduate talent in the country, produced by our two world class universities. Secondly, Sheffield residents enjoy a fantastic quality of life and affordable cost of living, which means we’re able to attract talent from across the country, and even across Europe, adding to the diversity of knowledge and expertise in this growing hub. And thirdly, Sheffield is well positioned as part of the Northern Powerhouse to develop its growing reputation as a centre of excellence for data science and digital industries. All of this makes Sheffield a great place to build a vibrant, innovative business like The Floow.

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